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This is the time when it’s us, you and a cup of coffee. A time when you can freely speak-up what you’re hoping to achieve and we’ll help connect the dots for you.



This phase focuses on building an initial light-weight model that you can mess-around with to see how your product is expected to look like once it’s ready to be delivered. 


Our team of developers specializes in working directly with clients. This allows us to conduct fortnightly demos to show you your product’s incremental development progress.

Web Development

Having a product and not involving the Web is like trying to change a car tyre without using a scissor jack. Enterprise level web application development falls within our core set of strengths; not only do we develop robust, scalable systems but we ensure that our UI is as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as possible.


UI/UX has gained prominence predominantly due to the fact that only performance is no longer the biggest requirement. Aesthetics have also risen to the very top of the requirements food chain. In keeping-up with that, our design-savvy team of UI/UX Designers ensure that your product isn’t just a Ferrari but a really good looking one.


Do we need to stress this enough? Development is the core of every product and we understand that to the fullest extent. In compliance with the highest standards and best practices, we’re adamant to develop your product using state-of-the-art tools and solutions.

Artficial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Recognizing its true power, MilestoneZero has AI/Data Science deeply embedded into its core competencies that enable us to provide intelligent solutions in various domains

Computer Vision

One of AI’s most widely celebrated domains, Computer Vision gives computers the power to see just like any other human being. This allows us to address and solve various problems and translate them into robust products settings.


NLP, like Computer Vision, allows computers to come a step closer to being humans. NLP’s various applications ranges from sentiment analysis to virtual assistants. Looking for something in these lines and much more? MilestoneZero is there at your service.

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics via Machine Learning virtually allows you to see what the future potentially holds for your business. This allows you to optimize your strategies, catch potential red flags, plan better and continue to ensure that your business keeps growing.

Recommendation Systems

One of AI’s most widely used domains, Recommendation Systems allow better customer experience tailored by the way they interact with a system.

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Our product innovation and software development is spearheaded by an agile approach led by experienced founders and a tech-savvy team of Developers and UX/UI designers. 


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All Rights Reserved | MilestoneZero Technologies | 2020