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Nestmetric uses real-time AI to identify behaviours of your most valuable customers and uses that data to acquire more customers similar to your highest value customers using social media ads, emails or other messaging platforms. It also optimizes performance using Machine Learning to analyze millions of signals and can increase conversions by over 41%.

How it Works

Upload Your Data

Upload a new set of data for Nestmetric to train on. This data will serve as the basis on which your machine learning model makes predictions. 

Predict the Right Audience

Nestmetric learns from your users’ past actions who are most likely to perform a future action. Create predictive lookalike audiences of your high vs. low value customers, by the click of a button.

Insights that Lead to Revenue

 Nestmetric sends predictive audiences into Facebook lookalikes, Google Customer Match or Twitter Tailored Audiences for reduced CPA. This can be used to increase open & click rates in your emails by retargeting your highest propensity users and for power personalization campaigns to increase lift and retention in all your growth metrics.

Use Cases

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All Rights Reserved | MilestoneZero Technologies | 2020