Translate Foreign Linguistics in Your Own Language in Real-time


Whether you’re a frequent traveller or someone who bought a Japanese-made appliance and are wondering how to read its instruction manual, Deeptrans is there to make your problems go away. Translate multilingual text through your camera-phone in real-time and say goodbye to your worries.

Things that seemed impossible a few years ago are now firmly within the realms of reality. Instant camera translation has not only made foreign text translation much easier but being able to do this through camera-phones has allowed it to be more portable as well. Using a slick combination of Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) and Natural Language Processing (CNN), DeepTrans extracts text from pictures, encodes them to form a new structure and convert them into a corresponding language.

How it Works

The Process

  • Extracts data from pictures
  • Encodes the text
  • Form a new structure of it 
  • Then translates it to corresponding target language




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All Rights Reserved | MilestoneZero Technologies | 2020